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92 Bowery St., NY 10013

+1 800 123 456 789

The Artist

Greek sculptor, engraver, painter. A personality of international fame, Carlos Cambelopoulos assimilated strong cultural elements, while he developed a rich creative activity studying the stone, terracotta, bronze, as well as the field of Monotype, which established him as painter and engraver.

As a kid in Cairo, he would always carry a notebook where he would constantly sketch. In the beginning, he was self-taught, later he attended evening classes in the Ecole d’Arts, in Paris, and eventually he taught privately, for thirty years.

He was honoured for his sculptures in 1969, in the European Biennale, won first prize by the City of Paris, in 1980 and was exhibiting world-wide, ever since. In 2008, he was honoured as Face of Europe, by the “Arte” television network of France and Germany.

He created busts of many important personalities of the 20th century, with common characteristics being their love for freedom, their altruism and the courage to disregard the social norms, for the sake of defending their beliefs, until the end. He sculpted the busts of Maria Callas, Melina Mercouri, C.P. Cavafy, Nikos Kazantzakis, Yannis Ritsos, Jack Lang etc.

Along this path, he expressed his feelings and patriotism through sculpture.